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Giant precision machinery(Changshu)Co., LTD

      Giant precision machinery(Changshu)Co., LTD., founded in2011Years8Month,In GermanyWitte Barskamp KGEstablished under the technical support, Is China's first adopted the flexible design of car body fixture manufacturers,Products include automotive manufacturing process from body shapes、Size project、Body matching、The trial production,To batch production flexibility required by each phase size、Functional verification,And matching analysis of all kinds of fixture、Measurement bracket。At the same time to improve the efficiency of measurement provide gas floating sandwich plate,And automatic navigation/Semi-automatic precision mobile platforms, etc。

      To tie in with the auto industry and aviation industry development,Throughout the year2015Years2On the investment1200Thousands of dollars(The yuan8000Wan)Set up covers an area of changshu city, jiangsu province in China23000 Square meters of new factory,And introduce the most advanced processing、Inspection and Test equipment,In2016Years8Month formal construction completed and put into use。

High quality and high efficiency of project development and production team and GermanyWitte The company's production team has established the global design team and the global supply chain system,In accordance with user requirements to provide to the countries and regions all over the world。 Customers include Benz cars、BMW、Audi、The public、Gm、Jaguar land rover、Giovanni cobolli gigli、Chery and other world famous automobile factory。

      To cater to the future development of Chinese automobile industry and the industry4.0,Giant team innovation and the development of all kinds of special applications and high quality products meet customers' different requirements。

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